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Bucket showers

Most people don’t realize just how little water is needed to shower. I can get me and little one showered with just one 5-gal bucket with some to spare!

Did you know the average person uses 20- gallons of water for a just a 10-minute shower?

I fill the bucket up and heat half of the water in a large pot. We take our showers outside by the trailer for coverage. I like to take mine when the sun is at its highest peak. Helps keep me warmer. On breezy days it can be chilly 🥶

Scooping up the warm water with a sauce pan or large cup allows a good amount of water to be used without sacrificing “water pressure”. Have you ever taken a shower with sucky water pressure? As a female, It’s nearly impossible to get all the shampoo/conditioner out of your hair.

I actually have a solar powered portable shower but the water comes out so slow that it takes forever to bathe. Therefore we have decided to just use the bucket method.

I like to shave my legs down by the creek. There’s something peaceful about watching my little leg hairs flow down the stream. Lol. Jk. But seriously. That’s where I shave them!

The first time I was introduced by the bucket shower was by Ryan. It was down to the low 40’s that day but I was desperate to bathe so he helped me out by doing the pouring so I had a constant flow as I did the washing. The warm water felt amazing as it hit my skin which then began to emit a fog of steam. Not half bad — I thought to myself.

Since then I have gotten to experience many more bucket showers and I’m here to say that they are the way to go in my opinion.

Simple. Easy. Practical. Anyone can do it!


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