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Hiking at Capitol reef national park

When we first arrived at the park entrance, my youngest daughter– who we were recently potty training, decided to squat down and start going to the bathroom while people were walking by.

We didn’t want to discourage her from going on her own. I mean, she was so proud of herself. We also didn’t want to confuse her because we had been allowing her to use the bathroom out in the open in nature at our camp site. So we were kind of stuck in a weird position.

We had been potty training her for months at this point but between the day care and home she wasn’t getting the consistency she needed so it was challenging. She was completely potty trained during the first 2 weeks we were camping. Victory!

We all really enjoyed the hike at Capitol reef. There was so much to see and not near enough time to see it! We made several stops including my favorite little area where the sand was everywhere. The sand here is softer than any beach I’ve been to. I mean, it’s so soft that you can barely feel it as your walking through it. I took my shoes off every chance I had.


Siblee is a hell of a dog. She’s pretty old– about 14 years old, but she kept up with us all the same. She didn’t want to miss a second.

There were so many cool things to see and so many cracks and crevices for the kids to explore. We all had a blast and hope to do something similar again sometime soon.

I can’t wait to share our adventures with all of you!


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