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Your energy can change the world

In these uncertain times preparation of any sort is worthwhile. With ammunition, firearms and toilet paper in such high demand.

I often wonder where all of this is going?

We are being divided in some of the worst ways. Our fears being manipulated and capitalized on through marketing strategies, media tactics and political agendas.

Some big things are happening in our word today and you are only seeing and hearing about 8% of it. If that scares you, it should! A major shift is taking place around the globe. We are entering into a new era that is all too familiar to this word.

A depletion of our natural resources, the extinction of hundreds of plant and animal life forms, deforestation, natural catastrophes, unequal separation of power and wealth, collapsed education and government systems. People are withdrawn from spirit and detached from one another as a species. We will, inevitably become our own demise.

We can’t take any of our material belongings with us to the afterlife but yet we live and die by the dollar Bill. We are but energy. Energy can not be created nor destroyed, only transferred. What you learn here is taken with you. Not your house, not your car, clothes or jewelry. As you raise your energy or “vibration” here you are outputting that energy into the bio-field and therefore creating your reality as such.

You’ve heard terms such as “misery loves company”. It’s not that people want to be miserable and bring down everyone else with them. It’s the energy that being miserable creates that sets a domino effect in place by everything falling apart around them because they are stuck in that energetic state of mind. Negative energy attracts negative energy and the same goes for positive energy.

Most of the time people are thinking about what they don’t want to happen and they are subsequently inviting those things into their life. Your thoughts create your energy field and your energy field is felt by more than just you or the people around you. As I said before, energy can not be created or destroyed so it is transferred out into the bio-field which surrounds the entire earth.

Being responsible for your own energy is a heavy burden and can be very challenging at times

We are connected to the earth and it’s connected to us. Everything works in perfect sync, harmony and balance with one another. When that is thrown off, chaos is the result. When an imbalance occurs, nature responds by a sort of purging. Discarding anything that is not serving it. Including US!

The natural way of things will be restored eventually. Only after destruction can a reconstruction begin. But we don’t want it to get to that point. We can all play our part by individually raising our energy and vibration frequency. Laughter is contagious and a sincere smile to a stranger goes a long way. Fine tune your brain by paying attention to your thoughts and then take control of them.

We are all imperfect beings and were never meant to “be” perfect by any means. But you play a big part in this world and your role in it.

Make it count!


2 thoughts on “Your energy can change the world

    1. Thank you! To try and answer your question; I think there’s a lot of people who aren’t concerned with taking action until it starts effecting them in a major way. Unfortunately by that point I’m sad to say that it will be too late. A certain amount of awareness has to take place on a global scale. People are waking up to this. They are preparing to do the work that they were meant to do while being born in this era. When the time comes, they will lead the rest by example and through truth and knowledge. The old ways of living in harmony with the planet as our ancestors did has since been lost but there are still plenty who live by that way and remember why it is so important. Keep your energy bright and lift those up who are struggling so that they may help the next.


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