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A warm December

We recently found a nice little spot in Southern Nevada right off Mead lake. I got here a little before dark but had trouble setting up the tent as it became dark so we blew up the air mattress and slept under the stars.

I didn’t get much sleep. The full moon illuminated the camp but we decided to wait it out and get a fresh start the next morning.

I could hear coyotes in the distance, birds or bats just behind us. Not sure which. It smells like the ocean here although it’s just a man made lake.

My feet were freezing the whole night but I didn’t have the energy to find my wool socks at the time so I just laid there and watched the stars. The next morning I woke up at 5am and got to work.

Feeling determined, I was able to quickly get the tent up and had everything out and in its place by noon. Though it only gets down to about 40 here at night, it feels colder because of the hotter days at a high of around 60. December is the coldest month here. Which I’m completely fine with! It’s nothing compared to the colder December days I’ve experienced in the Midwest.

I love having the heated days with the cold nights. Gives me the best of both worlds.

Looks like it’s going to be a warm December.


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