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Thank goodness for wood

Wood burns faster when you have to cut and chop it yourself.

Harrison Ford

December is the coldest month in Nevada. With an average low of around 39 it still feels chilly when you have the sun so close to you during the day that the 60’s feel like the 70’s.

What wood you do?

All I can say is thank Goodness for wood!

Lake mead

We setup here a few nights ago. Found some great wood in the city. A local was clearing out land and had an abundance of it! It burns hot and slow which is just what I needed. Me and my son spent the afternoon splitting and stacking the wood we collected.

All I can say is thank Goodness for wood!

We use this wood to cook on, boil water as well as for food and dishes and heat the tent during the late night and early morning. I’m wondering about just how long this wood will last us.

It got pretty windy here the other night. The smoke was coming into the tent through the wood stove. I got an elbow attachment that turns in several directions so that I can adjust it accordingly to block the wind from coming in.

Seems like it’s working well.

My daughter comes and snuggles with me first thing in the morning. I love this time of day. Who could resist. My children fill my life with so much sunshine. Where would I be without them?

But also, where would I be without wood?


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