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How to find wood to burn

Boxcar cove, NV

I just love the crystal clear turquoise colored waters here and the huge rocks encompassing the shoreline makes for a gorgeous scenery.

Mice had discovered our wood pile and was preparing to build some kind of… I don’t know what.. and they left this behind. I realized that this is the best kindling you could ever hope for. I mean this stuff burns easily and stays lit for a long time. I figured I’d save the rest for a rainy day.

Lets say your camping in an area with no trees but you need wood. Nothing to chop down and no dead wood laying around but you don’t want to pay a fortune for those bundles you get at campsites or gas stations. You have more options than you think. The trick is to be resourceful!

You can look on or a similar website or app in which people are selling items. There are lots of people who sell large quantities of wood for much cheaper then you’d find other places.

You could also drive around and look for pallets that have been placed in dumpsters. Walmart, Home Depot, apartment complexes, car dealerships, construction sites, grocery stores and warehouses all have an abundance of these.

Tree cutting companies- usually they have wood for sale and also wood that is free for the taking. The piles that are free will usually be a lot smaller branches and such but still FREE!

After splitting most of the wood we brought in, I’ve calculated that what we have now should last us at least 3 weeks if not longer.

Now that the wood is cut I have extra time to make yummy meals like this!

Stuffed peppers

Where do you go to get your free wood?


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