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Leeds, Utah

Last month we settled into a nice little spot in the Dixie national forest in Leeds, Utah. We had visited the same spot before about 2 weeks prior but decided not to setup camp there because it seemed crowded and too close to the main road. At second glance about, we changed our minds and honestly it may have seemed perfect this time around because we had no where else to go. lol.

After getting settled in we realized that it wasn’t so bad after all. The Mountain View from the front of our tent was crazy cool. I loved waking up just to open the door and see what they looked like that day. They were always changing. We could see it snow on the mountain frequently but it never reached us. Then we’d watch it melt off throughout the day. The kids had these huge rocks to climb on and enjoyed playing on them every day.

They also found this cool kiln that was used to make charcoal. There were lots of places to explore. Even the drive out and into town was a scenic one. There were remnants of old stone houses everywhere throughout the mountains. Wood was a little difficult to come by here but we had a great water source and found some wood pallets that someone had dumped. Those lasted us a while. Our solar panel was able to fully charge by noon which was very nice, but cell reception was not all that great. I had to drive the kids down the road every day so that they could do their school work.

I used part of my time here to make some sort of stand for the Dutch oven so that I could attempt to make bread again. Last time the bottom burnt so I was trying different techniques to keep the bottom away from direct heat as much as possible.

We went and explored some lava tubes. They were like little caves that you could go down into. Pieces of lava rock covered the ground everywhere above and it was difficult to walk through. I thought for sure I’d step on a sharp piece and it would pierce through my shoe!

Our time at this particular site was short lived. After about 3 weeks the park ranger showed up and asked us to move on. According to him, it was a popular site for tourist and we were hogging it! Lol. ALL of the campers we had seen in the area had pop up tents or RV’s. I’m sure it’a a lot easier for them to pack up and leave than it is for us. Moving our tent is like a mini moving day for someone with a small house. With 5 people living in a 168 square foot space, it takes us a full 8 hour day to pack up and get setup somewhere else. Nevertheless we began scoping out some of the areas around us and found a spot about 20 minutes up the road.

We said goodbye on our last day there and watched an amazing sunset light up the night sky with brilliant colors of red, pink and orange across a dark blue canvas.

Looks like it’s on to the next spot…


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