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Naps, oven & homeschool

My youngest daughter is now two and a half now and she has made up her mind that she is no longer taking naps anymore. Not so good for mamma because now I have to revise my schedule to set aside “Me” time. Before, I enjoyed about 2 hours of solid gold and rejuvenation at around 1-2pm. Maybe I’ll designate that slot now for recess and independent personal time.

It’s nearing the end of our stay here at our secondary camping location here near Hurricane, Utah. This spot didn’t have water accessible so we have been hauling in five 5-gallon buckets once (sometimes twice) a week. We have been taking showers at the pilot gas station which cost $12 per shower except for when you have three kids! They gave me an additional shower for my boy and only charged me $12 for the two showers. Me and the girls complete our showers together. We have also been going to the laundry mat at least once a week. I sure do miss hand washing my clothes 😔.

With the extra time I saved on laundry and showers I was able to work on a project with my oldest daughter building an oven out of the materials we had around us. That is the most exciting part of camping for me. You are forced to be creative and use the materials that are provided in whatever area you happen to be in at the time. Available materials vary so much from place to place. That’s what makes it so much fun. It pushes you to use your imagination. Something that I love teaching my kids.

We did not build this as a permanent structure. We used the sediment and soil from the area to hold together the fragile rocks. We cooked roast beef and homemade pizza in the oven. We weren’t sure if it was going to work or not as this was our first attempt at anything like this. To our surprise it did the job and we were extremely excited and satisfied, even proud, about the results.

The view at this spot is one of the things I love about it. The sun hits the very front of our tent as it comes up every morning. Waking up and seeing the whole front of the tent light up was pretty cool. We have the snowy mountains behind us and a view of the city just ahead. I love watching the silhouette of the plateau and mountains early in the day and watching as it reveals the details once the sun is in just the right spot. Check out these comparison photos below.

Another very cool thing that we did here was we finally got the telescope out and checked out the full moon. I was able to capture this amazing photo with my camera.

Another thing to mention; After nine months, I am finally proud to say that I have gotten the hang of homeschooling and let me tell you…it is no where near anything to be intimated about. The hardest part really is just getting familiar with the online material and website and remembering that you are in total control of what your kids learn. Remember… A child’s first and best teacher is their parent!

Happy camping!


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