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Moqui Cavern

I had originally confused the Moqui cavern with the Moqui cave which is just right up the road. While looking online I had seen pictures of the cavern on the Moqui cave page so we ended up going to the cave which requires a fee to get in and look around. The cave was not nearly impressive as the free cavern which is not managed by anyone and open to the public.

I do enjoy places that are not managed because there are no rules or “off limit” or gated areas. But, because of this you will always have those people who do whatever they want and damage an otherwise beautiful natural creation.

The cavern is made of sand and the wind has sculpted its curves and openings over time. The entire place had peoples names carved into it. People had used one part as a toilet and it reeked of urine in that one area.

Even so, it was a very awesome place to be. To get up there, you must navigate up steep slopes because there is no trail. I found that going up barefoot was the best technique because you could get a better grip on the rock.

Watch out for the winds because it blows the sand around at high speeds which can hurt if your not wearing much. Keep children away from the openings which drop down pretty far.

While I was up there all I could think about was how cool it would be if this was a place to live. I was imaging where the bedroom would be, living area, etc. and if it wasn’t up so high and water was available it would be a totally awesome spot to live. That is, if you could deal with all the sand.

I fully recommend checking it out if your near the area. Located in Kanab, UT.


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