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Yucca plant soap

Yucca plant

You may have seen the Yucca plant somewhere at some point in your life. People confuse the two. Yucca, (not to be confused with the Yuca plant) which has only one “C”, is an ornamental plant. It’s pronounced (ya•kah). You can not eat this except for the flowers. The Yuca plant with one “C” is commonly found in grocery stores as a root. It’s pronounced (yoo-kuh)You can eat this.

Although your can’t eat the Yucca plants roots, you can eat the flowers that grow on them. Or you can make soap!

Start out by digging up the whole plant and you will see a nice sized root that you can make into soap.

Next, cut the skin off to remove all dirt leaving only the flesh of the root. Clean it throughly.

Chop the root into small pieces, no bigger than an inch thick.

Next, find a clean surface and take a hammer or rock and smash the pieces up the best you can until it has the consistency of pulp.

Place in a cheesecloth or something of the sort that is breathable so that you can squeeze the juice from the pulp.

Add to a container or use straight on your hands or whatever else you want to wash.

You now have soap! It will keep for about 5 days. After that, you need to throw it out. If it develops a pickle like smell, then you know it’s gone bad.

Enjoy your natural soap : )


4 thoughts on “Yucca plant soap

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