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Passing through Colorado

We had been driving for a long time and had ended up in Pike and San Isabel National Forest in Colorado so we camped amongst the aspen trees. We still had a ways to go before we reached our destination. On the road again.

The mountains were enormous and beautiful. They made you feel small which was kind of humbling. We were now in the White river national forest and it was getting late so we decided to setup camp. We found the perfect little spot with an amazing view and I couldn’t believe that it was absolutely free! I wanted to stay longer but we had to get back on the road.

But before we leave we’re gonna have ourselves a little tail gate style camp breakfast : ) Coffee, eggs, potatoes and ham anyone?

Keeping the kids entertained during the drive wasn’t that hard. I had purchased tablets for homeschool and they didn’t waste any time downloading a ton of movies, books and games before we left. They aren’t your typical kids in the sense that they are on electronics all the time. We actually do not encourage them to use electronics and had to fight the school on this at one point. But since it was a long car ride I decided to allow them to use them for fun this one time. We had lots of snacks and a cooler inside the car with plenty of fruit and drinks. I think we were all pretty comfortable.


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