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Sunsets & cold water

The other day I was kind of bummed out and went to admire the beautiful turquoise cove by us. It looked too pretty not to jump in and it was also a lovely sunny day. I knew if I didn’t do it right at that moment then it would pass me by and I’d probably regret not doing it. I’m tired of having regrets so I decided to go for it!

The water was very cold 🥶 But I didn’t care. It was worth it. I bet this place is packed in the summer months. That’s usually how it goes.

My kids just thought it was so funny that I was freezing my but off! Fine, go ahead and laugh too!

1..2… “No, don’t count!”

That same day, a gorgeous sunset rested in the sky and I saw a flock of birds take off from the water as I moved in with my camera to capture the shot.

Sunsets like this are magical. I love the way the bright colors reflect off the water. Now all that’s missing from this scene is some trees!

I don’t know if it was the ice cold water hitting me like a thousand needles or the way the sun set that night but by the end of the day I felt all my worries melt away as I gazed out at the sky.

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.


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