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Arizona hot springs

Me and the kids went on a 5.9 mile hike to get to these amazing hot springs. The terrain was considered strenuous according to the website and it was! I can’t believe my just turned 3 year old held up with NO nap and walked there and back without being carried!

There were not any signs with arrows pointing us in the right direction. Just a beaten path not even visible in some areas and a green dot every now and then on a rock if you were paying attention.

We got to see this very cool tarantula. I even touched it’s leg, Woah! This little guy is definitely a lot spookier in person. My littlest one was freaking out but at the same time wanted to stay and watch it. We had to move on but got to see another in the parking lot on our way out.

We only passed just a couple of people on our way there. They looked very winded which was kind of scary. The last half mile was a bit tricky. I had to hand my youngest down to her siblings at some parts. Rocks and gravel were sliding around during steep parts of terrain.

I saw a couple tents and heard running water and I knew we were almost there. We stepped inside the cave like opening positioned between two enormous rocks. Below our feet hot water emerged and shot out of a small hole in the side of the rock.

The first pool of water was too hot! Hotter than a hot tub. But you had to wade through it to get to the second pool which was moderate. We settled on the third pool which was just right. The kids had a blast! It was such an amazing thing to experience and I think everyone should do it at least once in their life.

We stayed for a while longer and then headed out. On our way back I caught a glimpse of a young topless woman walking towards us to the springs. Once she saw that I had children she covered herself with her hands and turned towards the rock. I had my son look the other direction. I told her it was awesome she could be free that way and that if I didn’t have kids I’d be doing the same thing!


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